Well hey there! Yeah, I still make these /Silly comics from time to time. You wouldn't think so from the lack of posting, but hey, occasional is better than never. ^_^

Today's web comic comes from a place of personal joy - Blizzard has announced that coming in the next World of Warcraft expansion, Legions, Survival specc'ed Hunters will once again get to use melee weapons! Oh, how I have missed them. I had leveled my Night Elf Hunter, Zhyn, almost entirely to lvl 70 as a twin-axe wielding, in-your-face dervish of Auto Attacks and Wing Clips, and had a hard time playing her the moment she was restricted to only ranged attacks. Soon she will be back to her old tricks (plus a few new ones!) with a spec completely focused on Melee and Pet combos. Everything will once again be right in her world.

I actually drew this comic back in November, when I was livestreaming my art sessions on Twitch, and somewhere along the line, I completely forgot to actually post it. Here it is now, enjoy it and let me know what you think!

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This is why patch notes, even for long-sighted people, are very important.

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