Once again we take a moment to explore the /Silly side of the World of Warcraft. In our latest installment, a Resto Druid learns that there is a good reason for the 30 second limit to Tree of Life form, and in fact, it may be 25 seconds too long.

A little background for non-WoW players, Druids who chose to be healers get the ability to turn into an ancient tree that boosts the healing power of some of its spells. For several years, the developers at Blizzard Entertainment allowed the Druid to stay in Tree form for as long as they wished, but they were not allowed to cast non-healing spells in that form. When Cataclysm arrived, however, they changed Tree of Life Form to be a limited duration spell, but also lifted the spell restrictions from it. In its current incarnation, it acts as a "power surge" to allow you to crank out really powerful heals for 30 seconds out of every 3 minutes, which could often turn the tide of a losing battle into the shallow wading pool of victory.

Coincidentally, (or perhaps not!) the Cataclysm expansion also brought along with it the werewolf-like Worgen. It was only a matter of time before someone (me) put two and two together and got five (this comic). Enjoy this weeks comic, take some time to browse the archives or visit, and I will see you back here next Tuesday for more /Silly-ness.

- Arthur E. "Arturis" Orneck has often wondered to himself, if a Tree Form Druid falls in the woods, does it make a dying emote?

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[Mandifesto] @ 3:10:15 PM May 1, 2012
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Ah scatological humor, how I have missed thee!

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I remember those days. Back in BC, my guild was running The Eye, aka Tempest Keep, and the trash on the way to the first boss mind controlled players. So one time, it mind controlled me and I banished our druid healer. For those who dont know what banish is, its a 30 second stun a warlock can cast on a elemental or demon. When druids go into tree of life form, they become a elemental, therefore can be banished.

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