Welcome once again, friends and family, to another episode of my /Silly little web comic. This week we return to world of Azeroth, just in time to find a new father struggling with the unfortunate side effects of bringing a bundle of joy into this world. Whether on a distant fantasy world or here on our very own Earth, some problems are universal, though the way our Orcish friend decides to solve his squalling issue is a little... untraditional.

As a side note, today's comic marks the return of a certain overzealous, cotton candy haired warrior who seems to repeatedly get the short end of an already short stick. I almost feel bad for her. Almost. But not enough to prevent me from putting her through the ringer a few more times.

Thanks for coming around to my little corner of the Internet for another peek inside what little bits of my mind I can spill out on digital paper. I hope you are enjoying my comics as much as I enjoy making them.

-Arthur "Arturis" Orneck can entirely sympathize with the characters in this weeks strip - the baby in particular. Now that the comic is done, he can go drink some milk, burp, and cry himself to sleep.  


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I so need the gnome mobile

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The Gnome Mobile, the Gnome Mobile
Hunting for gnomes in the Gnome Mobile
Sooner or later we feel that we'll
Find where they are with the Gnome Mobile

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With a childhood like that, I can see why orcs are so characteristically ferocious

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