This is a repost of the old /Silly comic, originally posted on WoW Insider back on September 25th, 2007. The original blog post is as follows:

Greetings, my brothers in arms! Once again it is time to delve into the land of my artistically rendered personal views on this walk of life we call World of Warcraft. A few hours of private investigations deep into my inner psyche brought forth this small one panel sight gag, aimed at those sultans of swing, the Feral Druid. Since this ended up being a mere one panel affair, I invested extra time into the quality of the art, so no one should feel that they wasted their money for nothing.

Addendum: Check after the jump for a nifty bonus pic!

In the spirit of it being a patch day and all, I've decided to give you guys and gals a little something extra to keep you busy while servers are down. Here is a base outline image of a character that may possibly appear in a future episode of /silly. Feel free to bring it into your favorite paint program (or for those more in touch with their inner child, print it out and dig out your special box-o-crayons) and have fun coloring it until your hearts content! Then post it somewhere on the web (or on the fridge) and give us a link (or a link to a photo of your darling fridge) here in the comments.

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