This is a repost of the old /Silly comic, originally posted on WoW Insider back on October 2nd, 2007. The original blog post is as follows:

Greetings all! Welcome once again to another /silly, my weekly attempt to bring a little spark of humor into your topsy-turvy lives. Today I would like to introduce you to the lovely lady pictured above. But not until after "the jump", as the cool kids are calling it nowadays. No, really, they do call it that. You just can't make something like that up.



Oh excellent, you decided to join us. Everyone, this is Shadowsilk. Shadowsilk, this is Everyone. There, now isn't that nice? We are among friends now.
Shadowsilk happens to be one of my many, many, many alts. The poor, neglected lass resides on a PvP server that I barely ever entertain the thought of signing in to. Why, you may ask? Because I completely fail at PvP. I just cant seem to get in to the mind set needed to spend countless hours hunting/killing, or more to the point, being hunted/killed. But thats the great thing about WoW - You can take out of it what you want. Its a big ol' "to each their own" kind of thing.
At any rate, todays comic shows a bit of a shift from the previous ones in terms of style and detail, which is one of the things I mentioned may happen as we go along. To be honest, the look of today's comic came completely out of my inability to properly budget my time. I spent so much time drawing the extra-detailed characters (Complete with research, as you will notice that they are wearing actual in-game armor this time!) that I left myself no time for drawing the backgrounds. So a few screen shots and some liberal Photoshop filtering later, (which, by later, i mean 5 AM Tuesday morning) we have what you see before you when you click on Shadowsilk's delightful visage above. While I'm not particularly proud of my shortcut backdrops, they will do the trick this time around, and I know I can fall back on them in a pinch.
The character art, however, I am quite proud of - I feel its some of my best work to date. I may have to assemble some kind of Shadowsilk desktop wallpaper or something to show it off at higher res. No promises though. I may decide that I completely despise the artwork after I've had adequate amounts of sleep.
In case you haven't realized it yet, I tend to get REALLY talkative when I'm tired. And at 5 AM, I just flat out babble. Complaints can be addressed to Mike Schramm or Elizabeth Harper, seeing as they hired me and gave me access to typing up the blog that I'm subjecting you to, Im sure any sane and logical mind would find them fully and thoroughly to blame. In fact, I'll supply the pitchforks and torches, but *ssshhhh* don't say where you got them.
Ok people, until next time, may all your hits be crits.
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