This is a repost of the old /Silly comic, originally posted on WoW Insider back on October 9th, 2007. The original blog post is as follows:

Sometimes we, as players, do some incredibly silly things. Even after, say, 45-50 levels of dealing with the character, learning the tricks of the trade and the ways of your class, we can still make mistakes which may or may not lead to our certain doom. In the case of our poor Tauren friend in this week's comic, that certain doom is very, very certain and all together rather doomish. Clicking on the big florescent green "Click Here" symbol will reveal this doomed fate to you, but don't say I didn't warn you: There will be doom involved.

Speaking of doomed fate, somewhere just beyond this sentence there is likely a link that says (more...) and clicking on it will more then likely provide you this elusive "more" they keep promising all over the Internet. Go ahead, click it. You will see.


I am about to commit blasphemy of the highest order: I have a small tale to relate, a story of a completely foolish mix up, but this story does not come from World of Warcraft. It comes from... EverQuest!.
Back before World of Warcraft was even on the drawing board, before even Warcraft III was released to the hungry Blizzard fans like flanks of meat tossed to circus lions, I was playing EverQuest. Not entirely of my own will, I must say - Dark Age of Camelot was out and I enjoyed it far, far more. But all my friends had not enjoyed DAoC as much and had returned to the lands of Norrath, and I, like a stray, pathetic dog, followed them back. Adventuring alone is just not as much fun when you know there is a group you could be adventuring just a few clicks away.
I was working on my favorite EQ character, an annoyingly cheery wood elf druid named Blynkk, and my friends and I had grouped up for a long night of level grinding. Quests in EQ were incredibly poorly tuned, difficult to find, and horribly documented, so most players relied on grinding for all their leveling needs. At any rate, we had spent several hours in the Paludal Caverns on the moon of Luclin, slaying fungal creatures until we physically bled from the nose and tear ducts. I had recently reached level 20, a rank that earns you the right to choose a surname, but hadn't decided on one that fit with Blynkk's happy-go-lucky personality.
The hour rapidly approached 3 am and it being a work night, we were all pretty much half asleep, when someone gave the word it was time to call it a night. We were fairly deep in to the caverns, but then I recalled that I had recently learned a druid spell that could help, called "Lesser Succor", which would teleport the entire party to a place of safety. So confidently, I said "Hold on, guys, Ill get us out of here" and immediately cast the spell.
With a great flash it was over. The entire party had teleported to a place of safety - a small ledge, far, far deeper into the cavern, surrounded by monsters several levels higher than us.
Needless to say, that woke everyone up. With several expletives being tossed around like water balloons at a summer picnic, we all scrambled to figure out where we were and how we could get back. The next hour was spent fighting frantically to make it back to safety, a trip that would have taken a mere 10 minutes had it not been for my mistaken attempt at saving time. We did eventually survive, and all signed off to crash out for what was left of the night.
One important thing came out of the event, however. My druid had earned her last name, and would be known from that day forth as Blynkk Chaoticbamf.
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